Sunday, 16 April 2017

Gucci and Louis Vuitton Mini Haul

Hello My Loves

I absolutely adore luxury designer items.  From the beautiful merchandising in store, to the sales assistants and the feel of luxury just being around these items, I love love love them! I am a total marketeers dream! Wrap it in fancy packaging, show me some celeb wearing it, make it expensive and I want it!

When I do purchase a luxury item, it is really special to me. I really value it and feel special with it as part of my wardrobe.  For the past few months, rather than buying high street items, I much rather save and get some really good quality pieces.  I suppose you could call them investment pieces and I always make sure I will get lots of use from the item, so the cost per wear works out really well.

I think a few key designer pieces really can make a high street outfit look fab and expensive! My love will always be for handbags and so I am so excited to share these two new items with you.

Gucci French Flap Wallet - €370

Louis Vuitton Key Pouch Damier Azur - €135

I bought them both a few weeks ago and am happy now to be able to recommend these items.  They are such good quality and I use them both every day.  The leather is hard wearing and durable and they look great!

I talk more about them in depth in this video as to why I bought two fairly similar items and how I use them.

I hope you like them as much as I do!  Do you have any key designer items in your wardrobe?

Keep an eye out on my Instagram for my next luxury item which I have just ordered.  It's a biggie!




  1. Ah Mini these are two amazing little purses! Love them both! I'd love the mini pochette in the Damier Azure and a neverfull to put it in hahahah

    Siobhan xx

    1. Thanks Siobhan. I must check out the mini pochette and I may have ordered a neverfull during the week....!!!


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