Thursday, 23 March 2017

Making Memories

Hello My Loves

Our favourite family memories to make are not always the ones on holiday or in expensive restaurants.  But rather, it’s the little moments at home that truly warm our heart.  It's those times when I throw myself on the couch after a long day at work to watch our Panasonic television and my hubbie joins me to surprise me with some chocolate as we snuggle up and chill out.   

It's those Saturday mornings, when our little boy wakes up early and the cartoons on the television amuse him, while my coffee wakes me up. He laughs and dances along to Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig while he eats porridge on the weekends. There is no rush to be at work or out the door and we really make the most of the ease of time.  It’s those moments that really frame our family life. 

So when I was asked to give my thoughts on Panasonic's 4K TV range, it was easy to paint a picture of how it is very much a part of our family life. The television looks so sleek and elegant, it adds a touch of class to our living room.  Everyone who enters our house always comments about how impressive it looks and how realistic the graphics are.

As a mother, I love my evenings.  It’s a time when once my little boy is tucked up asleep in bed, I can have some ‘me time’.  My favourite way to relax is to indulge my love of my guilty pleasure television and watch ‘The Real Housewives’.  Lounging in my comfy clothes, I totally zone out in front of the Panasonic television.  Its 4K features really make me feel as though I am living in Beverly Hills basking in the sunshine enjoying lunch with them!  

My husband, like many men, adores sports and really enjoys watching a game or three of football at the weekends.   Last weekend as he watched the boxing on the 4K Panasonic television, he said to me that it was almost like he was in the ring but without having to take the pain of the punches! 

A match always leads into a movie once our little boy is asleep.  We prepare some popcorn and snuggle up watching a horror movie.  It is our favourite way to spend a Saturday night.  The television is so realistic, it feels like we are in our own personal movie theater, without the hassle of having to leave the house!

How are your favourite ways to spend a weekend? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, Mini



  1. Mini couldn't agree more - my favourite time is when we have our PJs on Saturday evening and we're cuddling on the couch - it's all I ever want to do xx siobhan

  2. This sounds similar to our weekends. It's all about relaxing and spending time together.
    Nina's Style Blog

  3. You're so right, it's the little moments that make the best ones :) I spend so much time in front of the telly haha!
    Amy xx

  4. I agree, sometimes little special moments are the simplest things and not necessarily always going out! We have date nights, and then seperate celebration nights where we just enjoy each other's company & stay in. Sometimes cooking together or playing a game can be fun as well! xo/M

  5. It is so important to make memories! And I can relate to getting into comfy clothes and watching a favorite TV program. My favorite things to do on weekends are to go running (my husband cycles) and then enjoy a romantic dinner out with him. Have a great weekend! xo, janea

  6. Aww, the Saturday morning you've described where your little one rushes downstairs to watch cartoons is SO sweet. Your weekends sound really lovely :) Have a great week ahead!

  7. So sweet plate! I watch TRHOBH too!♥

  8. I agree, those moments when we bond as family in the comfort of our homes are the best and most cherished. Warm post, it's nice to find your blog.

  9. I just love chilling at home with the pjs on too!

  10. Bless your son dancing to Peppa Pig! I agree that some of the best times we have are when we are just chilling out :)

    Rachel xx

  11. Love this post, sometimes the small things are the best i completely agree! Great post!

    Darriyan xx


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