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Donald Trump and Conor McGregor's Secret Weapon: The Law of Attraction

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I want to talk with you about this topic as I think it is so relevant being January and being the New Year. Everyone is trying to stick to those new year resolutions and loose a few pounds, or try make more money or meet that new lover, or whatever all our resolutions may be.  I imagine this is the time of year when the self help books fly off the shelves. Which brings me nicely to this topic...The Law of Attraction.

I was first introduced to this topic as many of us were through the very famous book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  One of my friends in university gave me a copy as she thought it might sound like something I would be interested in.  I read it and found it a bit fluffy.  The DVD was little better, it was produced more like a Disney movie than real life. But some parts of it definitely resonated with me.

People like Donald Trump, Conor McGregor and Oprah have been using this law to their benefit for quite some time.  McGregor is very vocal about how he got interested in it after reading his sisters book on the subject.  He famously went from being on social welfare of €188 a week to being a now double world champion in UFC. Now, that is really something.

'The Donald' may have heard positive thinking teaching's early on in his life by his pastor Norman Vincent Peale. Peale through his preaching and his book 'The Power of Positive Thinking' was a big believer in using thoughts to manifest what you want. We all know his story, multi-million real estate developer to the President-Elect of the United States. You may or may not support him, but there can be no doubt he knows the power behind his words and has had huge success in life.

I did some more research on the law of attraction and came across some quantum physics that appears to back up that indeed it is possible to influence 'reality' and manifest what one wants by directing our thoughts and feelings.  Now, I must say that I am not a physicist or an expert in the scientific field and I am only going to touch on the basics here.  If you want more detailed scientific analysis,there are a lot better qualified people with articles on the net than me. 

The Double Slit Experiment shows how focused thought can affect how atoms form. In basic terms, how thought affects reality.

Stay with me, this would mean that reality is perceptual and indeed open the possibility to the existence of parallel timelines.  I know all this can sound a bit Star Trek, but when it is backed up by scientific experiments such as the String Theory and the Uncertainty Principal it certainly does raise valid questions.  Is our reality just what we perceive it to be?  Can you change your current reality by changing your thoughts about what it is?

Abraham Hicks, Louise Hay and Dr Wayne Dyer to mention just a few have been teaching these life premises for decades.  Hugely successful authors and speakers, their basic premise is; think happy thoughts, try to slow down the momentum on negative thoughts and be more specific about your positive thoughts and your life will become more positive as a result.  

I have been following these basic principles as best I can for a few years and have enjoyed some fantastic manifested results.  More importantly though, I am a happier, more positive person.  If you are interested in reading a more detailed post about how I changed my life and what I manifested, let me know in the comments below and I will post about it.

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