Sunday, 17 April 2016

Luxury Shopping & Cocktails VLOG - Valentino, Jimmy Choo, Saint Laurent

Hello My Loves

I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend.  I have had such a lovely one, though as I write this, I am wrecked! I feel like I am constantly so tired from having a 6 month old baby, that any trips tend to totally exhaust me. But I am happy and content, so its all good. I can sleep when I'm 50!! 

Hubbie and I had such a lovely day yesterday and enjoyed some quality time sans bebe! We went for a luxury shopping trip to Brown Thomas (The Irish equivalent of Harrods/Bloomingdales) and I lusted over some Valentino Rockstud shoes.  I am not sure if they will go out of fashion soon though, as they have been around for a while. The sales lady assured me they wouldn't but what do you think? I fell in love with the pink pair.

I also saw a beautiful pink Saint Laurent Sac de Jour and other fab handbags. How cool was the carousel one by Kate Spade? Talk about unusual! Which were your favourites from the video?

Love, Mini 


  1. great post, thanx for sharing

  2. Looking forward to checking this out! I am in love with those YSL bags, don't think they will go out of fashion but not sure about the Valentinos.. Louboutins may be a better investment :)

    Ash | Liakada

  3. It is so nice to do some fun shopping! Glad you were able to check some places out! I love those Valentino shoes but you are right maybe they could go out of style. I am obsessed with all Kate Spade bags and those won't go out of style as they are so unique!


  4. wow i love it

  5. Great video, you look lovely. I am not a fan of the rock studs. I've been tempted to pick up a pair or two but each time I ended up changing my mind. That food looks good.


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