Saturday, 9 January 2016

Things I Have Learned as a New Mother

Hello My Loves

I am a mother of a three month old boy and my goodness, has my life changed drastically as a result. You can read all the books, attend all the ante-natal classes and do pregnancy Pilates until your leggings split, but nothing prepares you for the way your life changes.  I see glimpses of my old life here and there, with my designer handbags I used to use instead of the most un-glamorous nappy bag in the world, bottles of champagne in the house for when I used to be able to drink freely of a weekend, nail files for when I had the time to do my nails, but all they are, are glimpses for my old life is gone for the next 18 years, until my son goes off to college!

How my life has changed:

1. Dictator 
This tiny person is now the savage dictator of our lives.  He rules with an iron fist and shows no mercy for us.  It is irrelevant to him if I have not been able to eat my (now cold) breakfast for the last hour and I am starving.  He does not want to be bored with the pathetic details of my hunger.  He wants what he wants and he wants it now, or else he will scream and scream and scream!

Exhibit 1: 
I tried to go to the post office during the week. Sir was cranky, as he is teething, he was cranky all day.  I thought to myself, Ill give him a big feed, nappy change and surely I will get the 20 minutes it takes to go to the post office. But Sir had other ideas. He cried non stop in the 7 minute car journey, he cried as I took out the buggy (in the rain), he screamed so hard when I put him into the buggy that parents in the car park started staring at me thinking I was sticking pins in him.  So, I was forced to abandon ship and no post office was had for me that day.  Did he care? Did he heck!

2. Nappies 
The colour and consistency of dirty nappies is something I can honestly say never crossed my mind before I had my son. Never in a million years did I think I would be religiously checking the contents of my sons nappies. Not only checking them, but recording them! Yes that's right, what's more is that there are apps to help us mothers record nappy contents.  The thing you will be asked most in those first few weeks by a healthcare professional is 'what are his nappies like, how many wet and how many dirty,what do they look like'.  So, be prepared.

Fun Fact: 
I actually got pink eye by being over zealous examining a dirty nappy.  And they say parenthood isn't glamorous! Ha! 

3. Boobs
If you are breastfeeding, a huge number of people will see your boobs. This is just a fact. I would never even think of sunbathing topless (I am European for all you American readers!), heck, I would not even wear a low cut top.  I never liked my boobs out. Fast forward to the labour ward and immediately after delivery, out come the boobs and baby starts to feed. In the ward afterwards, each nurse that came by wanted to watch me feed to check all was okay.  I actually had a nurse manually massage my breast to show me how to ensure he gets all the milk. At home, mid feed if baby spits up, I find myself running for a cloth with no time to put boob back in bra.  Dignity just goes out the window! I am so sick of the sight of my own breasts, that after I wean, I think my husbands idea of lingerie will be me in a  high neck top.  

Top Tip: 
Topshop are the only brand I found that have nice maternity bra's. If you are going to be looking at your bra that much, you may as well make it a nice one.

Of course, I would not change it for the world.  I heard mothers say this before and thought they were lying. I thought they secretly would give their right arm for even an hour of their pre-baby lives, but it really is true.  All my son needs to do is give me one gummy smile on a day where he has been crying non stop from teething and my heart melts and I fall in love with him all over again.  So any of you ladies who are pregnant and terrified, don't worry.  Yes it's incredibly tough and you will have bad days where you have meltdowns, but nature takes over and takes us it all.  The love you have for your baby keeps you going.  

Love, Mini


  1. You are such a proud mama.. I am so happy to see that motherhood is suiting to you. Your son is lucky to have a woman like you. Keep up the good work mama! ;)


  2. Ah Mini, the love is unreal and I remember thinking its consuming but trust me in a year you'll love him even more ~ even though right now that seems impossible.

    I remember how a shower when Tom was so small was such a treat ... I can now shower in 4 mins... Hahahaha great post looking forward to the next ~ Siobhan


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