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How to Get Breastfed Baby To Take a Bottle

Hello My Loves

A few weeks ago I had a big dilemma on my hands.  My little baby refused point blank to take a bottle.  He screamed the house down as if it was a bottle of poison I was trying to feed him and under no circumstances was that bottle going into his mouth.  

I was so confused as I wasn't even giving him a bottle of formula, but rather it was a bottle of my own expressed milk. I could not understand why he would not take it.  So I visited a lactation consultant in my local maternity hospital and she explained to me that breastfed babies are notorious for refusing to drink milk from a bottle.  They crave the comfort and closeness of breastfeeding and also, it is harder to drink from a bottle, so they just refuse until they get the breast.

Now that's all well and good, as I happen to enjoy breastfeeding but for the rare times that I need to leave baby with someone, like when I need to go to the dentist, or want to go see a movie with hubbie, I found I just couldn't do it.  Unless I could be back within an hour for his next feed, I could not go. As you can imagine I found this all very stressful and started to feel like I had cursed myself by ever breastfeeding!

Eventually, after a difficult few weeks, we got baby to take a bottle and he now takes it like a champ. No tears, no fuss, no problems. So I wanted to share my tips with you of how I learned to give baby the bottle;

1. To initially get baby used to drinking from a bottle, give the bottle when baby is half asleep. About 10 minutes before baby is due to wake up from nap, when he is still sleepy but not asleep, I gave him a bottle (while sitting him upright).  He was not cranky at that time as he was after a nap and he was hungry enough to want milk.  He gently sucked away and this got him used to the bottle.

2. Heat the milk. Simple, yet it made a huge difference for us.

2. A company called Minbie contacted me to say their bottles and teats were designed for this very problem so I tried one out.  This is the only teat my little one will drink from.  The fast flow mimics my own fast let down and it suits my little one perfectly.  Try to figure out what kind of flow you have and find a teat that matches that.  They have all kinds of different flow teats, from very slow to fast.  I could have spent hundreds of euro's on teats, but this is the one that worked for us. There has been no nipple confusion with this teat.  

3. Get someone else to give him the bottle.  Initially it was my husband who gave the bottle. Baby can smell the breastmilk from me and associates me with breastfeeding, so he used to always refuse the bottle from  me.  My husband had more more success in the early days.  Eventually baby started to take the bottle from me too.

4. Patience.  Set aside time each day where you try to give baby the bottle.  He may not take it at first, but gradually he will start to get used to the bottle.

5. Once your baby takes the bottle, keep giving it regularly as otherwise, baby might refuse to take the bottle and you will have to start all over again!

Do let me know if you have any questions below in the comments. It took a while, but we got there eventually. Don't loose heart.  You are doing the best for your baby by breastfeeding and if my baby can go from full on screaming sessions at the sight of the bottle to happily taking it now then so can yours!

Love, Mini


  1. Congratulations on this huge success. It could be frustrating when they refuse. I went through that too and I wish I had these tips at my fingertips them.

  2. Therefore, the foremost necessary issue to contemplate is that your baby, whose system is certainly not as robust as a baby or adult's, has properly sterilized, germ-free instrumentation like bottles and pacifiers see more information.

  3. Such great tips. I'm not a mom yet but it was really interesting to read these advice :)

    xoxo Emily

  4. great post, thanx for sharing

  5. Great post and thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm not a mum yet, but it's always good to know more info. beforehand. x/Madison
    Star Noir

  6. Ohh, I can so relate to this but thank goodness it was easy with Little Tyke mainly because my mum gave me pretty much all these same advice. I warm up the milk and always feed him bottle when he's still asleep so he got used to it quick.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  7. I don't have a child yet and I'm not having one anytime soon but my mom tells me the struggle of switching to bottle since I was young. She had a bit of hard time switching on me she said. But I'm her eldest so I understand, I guess. 'Cause it seems easy for her when it comes to my younger brother :)



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