Monday, 13 July 2015

Choosing Happiness

Hello My Loves

I try to live a positive life.  I believe in the Law of Attraction and that my life is a reflection of my thoughts and feelings. When studying  the Law of Attraction I was struck by the fact that I can choose happiness. What?! That we can all be happy whenever we want, we just need to make a conscious decision to feel it?! Surely this couldn't be true?!

The idea that we can choose our own happiness really struck a chord with me.  Rather than be a victim or choosing to engulfed in negative situations that happen, that I can in fact, choose how I react, and choose happiness.  I can react with anger, disappointment and self-pity when things go 'wrong' in life, or I can choose to re-act in another manner and I can see situations as opportunities for learning.

A few years ago, I graduated from University in the middle of the economic crisis that hit worldwide. It was such a scary time. From the media to everyday conversations with people, everyone and everything just seemed to re-iterate how hard it was going to be to get a job. Because that idea was ingrained into my subconscious, I did find it hard to get work in my field of study.  I moved countries and cities from job to job, chasing work in my area.

I found myself getting quite down over all this.  Now I wasn't extremely depressed or anything, but I definitely found myself being stuck in a cycle of thinking negatively about my career and then negative things would happen like redundancy etc.

I did not want to continue feeling that way, and one day, while I got the tube to a job I really didn't like, I decided something needed to change.  I read lots of Louise Hay and Abraham Hicks about attracting positive things into my life.  I watched YouTube video's and I decided to change my thinking.

I made a conscious decision to choose happiness. I looked at my life and realised I had never been out of work. Despite the fact that I worked in jobs that I didn't like, I had always worked. I always had enough to pay the bills and I decided to be grateful for that.

I looked at all I had learned from each job, about where I wanted my career to go (or not to go), about how to deal with people (after some difficult managers), about working in different cities and cultures. I had learned so much from all these different roles.

Choosing happiness takes self control and determination.  Its easy to go back to the old ways of self-pity and getting bogged down in disappointment.  What takes real courage is fighting through the bad times and finding the happiness in them.

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Love, Mini


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    1. Thanks Jess! I checked out your blog and its great. Love your off the shoulder article and commented the same! X


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