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My Pregnancy Work-Out Routine (Powerlifting and Cycling)

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For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you know that I have continued to exercise throughout my pregnancy.  My body was used to working out 5 days a week for about 1.5 years before I got pregnant.  I ran 5 days a week (5k on my lunch hour) and I did one powerlifting session with my personal trainer once a week.

When I got pregnant, I knew I wanted to continue my healthy lifestyle and have a fit pregnancy. I knew some days it wouldn't be easy, I knew I might feel sick or I might be exhausted, but as much as possible I wanted to continue being fit and healthy.  

Why was this so important for me you may ask.  Why didn't I just take full advantage of the fact that I would put on weight and put my feet up and eat my way through every single morsel of chocolate available in this city! 

Well there are numerous answers to that.  Labour for fit women tends to be shorter and easier.  It makes me feel better, mentally and physically. A healthy and fit momma equates to a healthy and fit baby.  Personally, I have had an excellent pregnancy.  I am nearly 7 months pregnant and have not had any morning sickness, I have had no complications, I sleep 9-10 hours a night and my baby has had strong kicks since week 16.  

Of course I have my days where I am exhausted and crawl into bed straight after work.  On those days, I listen to my body and if my baby needs all my energy then I don't work out and I rest my body for baby to take what he/she needs. But generally, I have maintained good energy and great health and I put that down to my continued work outs and good eating habits.

So, enough ramblings, lets get onto my pregnancy exercise routine.  (Below is just what routine is working for me and my body and baby. I am no expert in advising others in what to do.  I would recommend anyone to consult their doctor before exercising during pregnancy)

1. Replacing Running with Cycling

I stopped running at Week 24.  My personal trainer advised me that running was high impact on my pelvic floor and could weaken it. I asked the physiotherapist in the maternity hospital and she told me that I could continue to run if I strengthened my pelvic floor through specific exercises. But after reading various blogs of women who had run throughout pregnancy and strengthened their pelvic floor I decided I would stop running.  
These women said that by strengthening their pelvic floor, it was too tight for delivery of baby and they had really hard deliveries. My pelvic floor is loosing for a reason and ill allow it do its job for delivery.  Once baby is born, I will tighten it up then.  
My trainer advised me to get an exercise bike and it would do me just as well for my cardio.  So I cycle 11.5k five or six days a week depending on how I feel, but I mostly do five cycling sessions in a week.  

2. Powerlifting

I have changed my routine of how often I powerlifted and the targeted workouts I did.  I used to powerlift once a week with my personal trainer for an hour, I deadlifted, squated, benched pressed, targeted my upper arms and did some chin-ups.
When I got pregnant, I stopped bench pressing as exercising on your back is a big no no when pregnant. I reduced the weight that I lifted and squated, just because I was lifting such heavy weights, that I didn't want to feel any stress on my abdomen.  Chin up's became so hard is that I gave them up.
I also bought weights for home so I could lift at home and I am really targeting my upper arms because I will need to lift a growing baby and car seats!
So I now lift weights 3 days a week.  

3. Exercises
I did exercises at home to loosen up my back before I got pregnant (I had pretty bad back pain after a car accident a few years ago, which is how I got into powerlifting.  This back pain is pretty much gone after powerlifting and I continue the exercises to make sure it stays gone!)
I continue to do targeted exercises such as the plank, side plank and the pointer dog so that I don't experience any lower back pain and also to keep my abdominal exercises nice and tight.  I asked my doctor about continuing doing the plank and he said that its safe and I will need those muscles for when I push my baby out.

What workouts do you while pregnant?  If you liked what you read, please hit the subscribe button or comment below!

Love, Mini

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