Thursday, 18 June 2015

What I Ate Wednesday

Hello My Loves

As you all know by now, I eat healthy 80/20, so I like to eat good clean food during the week.  As a result, its kind of always the same things, but I love reading other people's food diaries, so its something you might like too.

As per usual, I had some porridge and banana.  I have porridge every day in Winter and Weetabix every day in Summer.

I have some hot water with lemon and a litre of water in work throughout the morning.

We ran out of the wholemeal crackers I usually add to my lunch and I was so hungry after a lunch time gym session with my trainer, that I just grabbed some wholewheat brown bread from the local shop and added spinach, cucumber, tomato and some low fat potato salad. I had a pint of water with this.

For dinner we had fish cakes and salad.  They were cod fishcakes, and I added some spinach,cucumber, avocado, tomato, pasta and some more low fat potato salad.

I had one of my healthy cookies, but added some Nutella and Lucky Stars this time. Not so healthy but I am 6 months pregnant so I was being cheeky! I actually couldn't finish this and got heartburn from the half of it I ate as I'm not used to eating rich chocolate during the week, so wont be doing that again!

Mini, xxx

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