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The Best of Stretch Mark Creams - High End and Drugstore

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I have been embracing all aspects of pregnancy.  I love every minute of it even the tiredness and bottomless pit of hunger feeling. However, there is one aspect of pregnancy that I definitely do not want to embrace. What is that you may ask? Well it is stretch marks!

Call me vain, call them tiger stripes, it doesn't matter to me, I don't want them.  I know I should wear them with pride, I know they are the sign of a healthy growing baby, but next year when I am back in my bikini hopefully back to my normal size by then, I don't want big red or silver stretch marks on my stomach and thighs. I want to feel as beautiful as I did before pregnancy. Pure vanity on my part, yes I know, stone me now!

So far I have been successful at 6.5 months pregnant not to end up with stretch marks.  I have been testing out a lot of potions and lotions specifically created to target these buggers! I want to share with you my findings so far:  

I am currently on my third pot of this so perhaps that tells you how I feel about it before I write my review! 
I love this product.  It absorbs really easily as I don't like the tackiness of oils on my belly that never soak in.  They make me feel so sticky! I can put it on before work and it absorbs instantly. It never stains my clothes and best of all, its made of natural ingredients so that gives me peace of mind.  
€19.99 from Boots

Quite the mouthful is this one! This has another nice consistency.  Its thick, with a real cocoa butter scent, but its not too overpowering.  Its absorbs really easily and doesn't stain my clothes. Its a really reasonable price too. Apparently this product helps with the elasticity of the skin, it is this elasticity (or lack of it) that creates stretch marks.  This product is paraben free.  
€7.99 from Boots

3. Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil 

This oil is the most expensive out of the stretch mark products I own. I got it after Caroline Hirons aka The Skincare Guru! (Its worth checking out Caroline's blog and YouTube) recommended it. Caroline said she used it throughout 2 of her pregnancies and didn't get a single stretch mark! Apparently oils are better to prevent stretch marks rather then creams.  

Now I know I said I don't like the feeling of oils on my skin, and I don't, but I use this after my shower on damp skin just before bed. I wear my cotton nightie so the skin I apply the oil to can breath throughout the night, and it does feel marvelously moisturising. Because I only wear the oil overnight, its not like my clothes are sticking to my belly during the day and annoying me, so if like me, you are not a fan of sticky oils, this is the way to benefit from them without driving yourself mad! The scent is quite citrusy and it reminds me of being in a spa. 
€46.00 from Brown Thomas

4. Clarins Stretch Mark Prevention Control

This is my most recent purchase.  I have only been using if for a few days. I must admit, it is one of the last creams that I pick up out of my selection. Why? Well because I feel the 3 products above fulfill my stretch mark needs (wow, never thought Id type that sentence!) quite well.  This product is thick and absorbs well.  It does not have a strong fragrance to it. I don't think I would re-purchase this product because I feel the Burts Bee's and the Palmer's do the job just as well and are free from parabens.
€45.00 from Brown Thomas 

What stretch marks creams do you use?

I feel preventing stretch marks is greatly helped by drinking lots of water and exercising too. I do both of these to help my cause as well as applying my lotions. 

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