Monday, 22 June 2015

How to Have a Happy Pregnancy

Hello My Loves

I am 6 months  in to my first pregnancy.  My pregnancy has been an absolute joy since day one.  I am a happier, calmer person and I just feel filled with love from the inside out!

I know some women suffer terribly during their pregnancy and please don't think this is a 'oh I am perfect and great', this post is definitely not meant as a means of boasting on my part. Its much more a way of sharing with you all this fantastic time in my life and to share some tips I have learned along the way to make pregnancy journey smoother.

Of course I have had my days of utter exhaustion and recently I have suffered the absolute agony of hemorrhoids (so very glamorous), but generally I have had good energy, I had no morning sickness, and my hormones seemed to have actually settled out during pregnancy. Pre-pregnancy I used to get some anxiety once a month for a day or two, but for some reason with pregnancy, my anxiety is gone. A very happy side effect for me, as I worried pregnancy would make the anxiety worse. 

Some tips I have learned along the way that might help you too have a great pregnancy;

1. Exercise
Even though I am a gym bunny myself, I don't advise anyone to take up any new strenuous activity when they get pregnant. I simply mean, some light exercise like walking or pregnancy pilates/yoga. Its a great way of maintaining a healthy body without doing anything too stressful for your changing body.  Healthy and happy momma = health and happy baby! However, I would advise you to consult your doctor before starting anything new.

2. Drink Water
Water can often be overlooked in favour of some fizzy soft drinks that might boost you temporarily with all their sugar on the days you are feeling tired. But honestly, drinking 2-3 litres of water a day has done wonders for my body.  I also found I was starting to get headaches, but as soon as I would fire some water back me, the headaches disappeared. Think about it, your body is undergoing lots of changes and is taking care of 2 people now. So water really helps fuel it. It also prevents constipation, which can be so painful and unpleasant. Add some fresh lemon or lime slices for flavour.

3. Be Grateful
Remember how lucky you are to be pregnant. I know your ankles might be swollen to the size of a small country, and ligament pain is keeping you awake at night, but so many women would love to be experiencing all those not so pleasant effects of pregnancy and they never will. To be pregnant is a blessing and a privilege and trying to keep this in my mind definitely keeps me positive on the harder days. 

4. Rest
You and your baby comes first. It doesn't matter if your Aunt Julie is putting pressure on you to help her out at home, or if your friends are guilting you into hitting bars with them. Your body and your baby are the priority first. I get loads of sleep every night - on average 10 hours, and I need every single one of those 10 hours. Sometimes, I even wake up exhausted from a 12 hour sleep. Its just my body is working overtime keeping my baby healthy.  Now is definitely not the time to burn the candle at both ends, so learn to politely decline. 

I hope these tips help you and if you have any of your own tips, please comment below as I would love to read them. Happy Pregnancy!

Love, Mini


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