Wednesday, 17 June 2015

De-Clutter Your Wardrobe

Hello My Loves

I recently de-cluttered my wardbrobe and it really felt like I had freed a part of my soul. Yes, it felt that good! 

Part of pregnancy is 'nesting', and in my case this is when I got the urge to either file, clean or throw out everything that is in my house. That nearly included my husband lol! When in the midst of my nesting, I realised I had not had a good wardrobe clean up in quite a few months.  Due to the Irish weather being like the Bahamas one day and the Arctic circle the next, its quite hard to really plan a proper Summer wardrobe.

I braved the weather forecast and opened the doors of my closest's and attacked mercilessly! I was determined that Summer dresses would replace Winter woollies and my dark burgundy's and blacks would become a sea of pastels and white.  

I have a few tips for any of you that want to de-clutter or re-organise your closet.

1. Make Sure Your Wardrobe is in Season 

Put away whatever clothes are out of season.  Many vac-pac these away to make sure they stay fresh, but I have always just put the out of season clothes on the higher shelves in my wardrobe.

2. Be Merciless

If you have not worn an item in a year, then you are not going to wear it again. Throw. It. Out. 

3. Leave the Sentimentality Behind 

I know you want to keep the belly top you wore at 16 to remember the perfect flat stomach you had and I know the t shirt you bough on your J1 visa in LA reminds you of a great Summer, but you will never wear these again and they are taking up precious wardrobe space. Dump them. You have your memories in your brian, they are not dependent on a t shirt. 

4. Donate to Charity 

Clearing out all that clutter not only has a positive effect on you but others can benefit too. If you have a winter jumper you haven't really worn in ages, but kind of like, remember that someone else could really benefit from this. There are so many deserving charities, its a nice way to give back.

I hope this article helps you free your wardrobe!

Love, Mini


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