Thursday, 14 May 2015

What I Ate Wednesday

Hello My Loves

Its a beautiful rainy day in Ireland today - hello Summer! All I can do is laugh about it. The Irish Summer, or lack thereof is infamous at the stage.

Anyway, onto one of my favourite subjects - food!

Here is what I ate yesterday, Wednesday.


The usual - Weetabix with some fruit and low fat super-milk that has folic acid and vitamins added to it.  This morning I had some banana with it.

Once I got to work I had some lemon in warm water. This drink is really good as a cleanser and I also drink a litre of water every morning.


I had an oat and almond butter cookie and some almond butter smothered on top of it. By far my favourite snack. I make these every Sunday as they are so healthy and we both love them.  My hubbie sometimes puts nutella on his - heaven!


I had some quinoa that we had left over from dinner the night before.  This was made with chicken stock, and I added roasted peppers, roasted onion, cucumber, spinach, tomatoes, chilli and some grilled bacon to it.  My hubbie loved it surprisingly also. 
I drink another litre of water in the afternoon.


I was on the move yesterday afternoon and we had no fruit left in the house, so I never picked up a snack  for the afternoon while home at lunch.  So by the time it came to my dinner, I was starving! We ate straight away and we had something we hadn't had in ages - spaghetti bolognaise.  The spaghetti was wholemeal, which is nicer than white in my opinion.  We had steak mince with peppers, onions, chilli and some spices added. It was so tasty.  I ate loads and was stuffed after it!

Thats what I ate Wednesday.  What did you eat?

Love Mini


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