Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Tan Organic Review

Hello My Loves

Today I am reviewing the all organic tan - Tan Organic.  I love my tan, I love the glow that a tan can bring to my skin and I think it really brightens up my complexion.  Unfortunately in Ireland, with our rainy weather, we will be waiting a long time if we wait for strong sunny rays to give us a natural tan!


I am also very conscious of what I put on my skin as the skin absorbs over 60% of what we put on it into the body.  I do not like parabens and other nasty chemicals on my body and I try pick products that do not contain these. In this way, it is perfect for pregnant ladies who want to keep themselves free from chemicals.


Tan Organic is Eco-Certified which means that at least 95% of the finished product contains natural ingredients.  That's a lot! It certainly makes me feel a lot better about using it.

I tried out the Tan Organic Self Tan in 100ml, priced at €20.50 in Boots.  A lot of pharmacies also stock the tan.  A full list of stockists is available on their website

This tan is a watery consistency.  I put some on my tanning mitt, but I wasn't sure if I had enough on or not, so in that sense, I used quite a lot of it where I might not have needed to.  There is no colour guide to the tan, so I had to make sure that I covered all parts in application.  I do love a colour guide as it really helps show any missed areas.

The tan is tacky once applied and the creases in the inside of my elbows stuck together and the same with the backs of my knees. It made me worried that the tan was being peeled off every time I un-creased the skin but it was fine.  I applied the tan before bed and slept in it.  

Now to the tan itself, the tan colour is really nice. I did not find it overly dark or barely showing. It was just a nice tan, the perfect colour match for Irish skin.  It is more on the deep side than the light side, but if you have put on a tan for a night out or an occasion, you do want to look tanned.  It was the perfect colour for me and like I said, I like looking tanned!  The tan is very natural looking. No Oompa Loompa's here! 

The tan lasted through a whole week of gym sessions for me which I was very impressed with as its the first tan that I've used that has done so.  It faded very nicely and evenly.  

Yes, it is on the expensive side of tanning products, but it is worth it if you do not like putting nasty chemicals on your skin.  I would like to have a colour guide to the tan and I would like to know if it was necessary to put as much on as I did, or if I could have been more economical with it.  The tackiness was annoying, but I will put up with it for the nice colour pay off. 

Overall I was very impressed by this tan.  Its Irish, its a great natural product and its a lovely tan to wear!

Love, Mini


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