Monday, 18 May 2015

Motivational Monday

Hello My Loves

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  I had a nice relaxing one. I went furniture shopping with my mother and Aunt for the house hubbie and I are building.  I loved the thoughts of imagining my home with all the bits of furniture in it and us all settled. It made me feel so fuzzy and warm inside. 

On my way to pick up a rotisserie chicken for the Sunday roast (yes I took the lazy way out of cooking it!) I got caught in traffic that was being held up  because of a 10k charity run.  As I looked around at the runners, jogging past my car, I saw quite a few that looked like they were about to collapse.  Their faces were not the normal redness we all get from a workout, but rather their faces were purple.  I saw them getting anxious and frustrated. They looked like they were having a miserable time and quite a few people had to help them along in their run.    

Now I am aware I could be totally wrong and those runners could have loved every second of it.  I am just going by what I saw and I totally acknowledge I could be wrong.  But it really got me thinking.  Fitness shouldn't be something that is dreaded or something that's torture to do.  

Pushing your body to its absolute limits to do a 10k run, if you haven't prepared properly for it, is going to be a really horrible experience.  Its fantastic that people are so charitable, and so willing to get out on a Sunday to run and raise money for charity, but its important to prepare correctly for any type of exercise undertaken and don't push yourself too hard especially at the beginning of your fitness journey.  Otherwise, it will be the last run or training session you every do!

I love my run and powerlifting sessions that I do every week day.  I have a good level of fitness. I am strong from my weights and love my cardio.  But I have the level of fitness that I have after 2 years of running and a year of powerlifting.  I started gradually. I used to run 2k and then 3k 3 times a week and increased distance and time from that. 

I started my powerlifting with my trainer a year ago this month and again, I started very gradual.  Just getting my technique correct and gradually adding heavier weights every week.

My advise on your fitness journey is this;

1. Know that Fitness is Fun. 
Please trust me on this. Those fab endorphin's are released during exercise, the mind is cleared and stress is dealt with effectively.  Fitness really is good fun if done correctly.

2. Start Small 
Start exercise gradually.  For some this could mean going for a walk a few times a week.  Slowly build up your pace and the time you complete your walk in and then add some moments of light jogging.  There are great apps out there for this, like 'Couch to 5k'.

3. Get Expert Advice
It is a great idea to go to a personal trainer at the start of your fitness journey for some guidance.  They can assess your fitness level and give solid guidance on a fitness programme. Having a personal trainer really catapulted my fitness into a high level and I highly recommend this. Its money well spent.

4. Get Medical Advise
If you have any pre-existing health conditions it is a great idea to consult your doctor before embarking on any fitness journey.

Any finally, feel free to contact me here or on Instagram.  I love to hear peoples fitness journeys and am happy to chat about my own.

Love Mini

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