Monday, 11 May 2015

Motivational Monday

Hello My Loves

Happy Monday! That glorious day of the week where the entire week lies ahead of you, ready to be mapped out exactly as you wish your week to be.

People ask me a lot what do I do when 'bad things' happen to me.  Because I try to be a positive person they wonder how I deal with the blows and knocks that life can deliver to us all.  What are my thoughts on why these things happen?  Surely if we are following the practice of being positive and manifesting our goals, we should not manifest these terrible things to happen.

I completely agree that for a long time it used to baffle me when bad things happened even though I had maintained a positive attitude.  So I turned to my spiritual teachers, Louise Hay and Abraham Hicks for advice.  Their advice is the following;

1. You can choose how you react to a situation

This is along the same line of thought that tells us we can choose to be happy.  Basically you choose how you react.  You can choose to get upset, to get angry, to feel frustrated or you can choose to acknowledge it as an unpleasant experience, send forgiveness and positivity to the situation and then to release it.  

2. Learn the lesson in the experience

This is something I always try to figure out.  For what reason did the experience happen to me?  What was my lesson to learn in the experience?  Rather than feeling helplessly lost in the situation, you can feel like the situation was delivered to you by the universe so that you learn from it and then can move on from it.  I have had similar situations re-occur over and over again  until I learned my lesson! I wish I had gotten it the first time!

By following these steps, I find that I stop giving so much power to the bad thing.  I start to see it for what is is, i.e. a learning curve, I see the lesson, I bless it and then I choose not to dwell on it anymore. I choose to release it.

What are your thoughts?  How do you react when unpleasant things happen to you?

Love, Mini



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