Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Lush Haul

Hello My Loves

Having a bath is one of my favourite ways to unwind and relax. There is just something about water in general that calms me right down, so swimming or being by the sea has a similar soothing effect. If I have had a hectic or troublesome day, I like nothing better than to run a bath, fire in something from Lush, light some candles and watch an episode of one of my favourite tv trashy programmes, like The Real Housewives in the bath. Instant Zen!

I did a recent Lush haul and I know lots of you are Lushies too, so thought you might enjoy seeing all the beautiful goodies I got!

I am always apprehensive buying a shampoo or shower gel over the internet without knowing the scent first in case they are almighty overpowering scents which I hate.  I am much more of a subtle scent kinda gal for my shower gel and shampoo.  I hit the jackpot with the Olive Branch.  Its a really delicate scent, not overpowering at all.  It smells slightly citrusy and is very moisturizing to my skin. (Especially important to avoid those pesky stretch marks being prego at the moment).  The only thing about this shower gel that is slightly negative is that it is incredibly watery. I read this on other reviews also.  It literally pours out of the bottle like water so I need to be extra careful with it in the shower.  It lathers really well also. 

This bath bomb is a new one for me.  It smells really sweet in a subtle way.  It has a lovely sweet roses smell to it.  It will turn my bath a lovely pink colour I think and it has real rose bits in it too. How indulgent!

I adore these body lotions that Lush have that can be applied in the shower or bath and you just need to wash off after. I fell in love with the utter convenience and deep moisturization of these after using Yummy Mummy Limited Edition Body Conditioner. Alas, as it was a limited edition, it is no longer available but Ro's Argan is the next best thing. I know this is really popular with You Tubers like Fleur de Force and MakeUpByTiffanyD also.

By far my favourite bath item from Lush.  Maybe because I am so obsessed with all things French! But this baby soothes away a days stress instantly for me. Its full of lavender and makes my skin super soft. It really created lots of bubbles in the bath too. Just perfection for me. Excuse this pic as the top fell of in transport so it looks a bit weird at the top!

This bath bomb is a love potion according to Lush!  It really reminds me of being in a flower filled garden.  It is just bursting with floral scents

Again, one of my favourite bath melts. Don't be fooled by the size of this little guy.  It really does the trick to melt away all strain and stresses of the day.  Its really soothing for body and for mind. 

This is one of Tanya Burr's favourite Lush products.  This makes my skin feel so soft.  It turns the bath a shade of white and is just ultra moisturising. 

This facial soap makes my skin feel and smell really clean.  You can smell the chamomile on the soap and I love this scent.  I use it with an exfoliating brush for a nice deep clean. 

This face mask is really calming and moisturising on my skin.  Any small little blemishes are really given the boot after using this mask! 

That's my Lush haul - I hope you enjoyed my reviews and let me know what your favourite Lush products are!

Love, Mini


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