Friday, 17 April 2015

What I Ate Wednesday

Hello My Loves

This is my very first What I Ate Wednesday. I love reading these on Anna Saccone's blog, so I thought I would do it myself! 

I normally eat porridge and some berries with milk, but with the weather getting warmer in Ireland I've been eating Weetabix. 

Once I get to work I have a de-caff Green Tea at my desk and I have 750ml of water every day. 

After my run I normally eat a wrap or a pitta bread. We had neither of these in the house today, so I had to get a bread roll from the local shop.

Brown bread roll with low fat Philadelphia cream cheese, tuna, cucumber, kiwi, tomatoes and some more water.

Afternoon Snack:
For an afternoon snack, I had some of my homemade cacao, oats and almond butter cookies with some extra almond butter on top.

I never eat like this during the week, but I had the biggest cravings for chips! So we went to El Toro restaurant in Limerick city and I ate a pulled pork burger along with chips and coleslaw. I couldnt eat that much meat, so my hubbie took half of it for his lunch the next day.

Evening Snack:
I had some grapes later on that evening

What did you you think of my first WIAW and did you eat anything exciting this week?

Love Mini 

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