Friday, 10 April 2015

My Fitness Regime

Hello My Loves

The sun has been shining all week long in Ireland and let me tell you, everyone is in just such a great mood! Irish weather can be so unpredictable and we have often gone an entire Summer season with little more than a few days of sunshine. So everyone is out, soaking up the rays and enjoying it while it lasts.

But enough about the weather. In this post, I want to share my fitness regime with you. Fitness is a really big part of my life and in an earlier post I explained what kick started me taking my fitness seriously. I have never been over-weight, because I have a high metabolism, but I did have high cholesterol because I can eat what I want without putting on weight. So basically, when people ask 'who ate all the pies' the answer would have been me! 

So over a year ago now, I monitored my eating habits and seriously cut back on sugar. I love love love my lifestyle now. My skin is better, I rarely get spots, I have so much energy, I look better, I am not so addicted to sugar, I am healthier and I feel stronger mentally and physically. 

I live by the 80/20 guideline for eating healthy and working out. So 80% of the time, i.e. Monday to Friday, I ate really great quality meals and snacks and I work out. But come the weekend, I relax more, if I want a takeaway Ill eat it, I might do a walk. I let my muscles relax after all I put them through during the week!

Monday - Friday

I Run 5k Every Single Day on my Lunch  
When I say every single day, I mean it. I don't skip a day. I run in rain, I run in thunder storms, I run in high winds, I run in snow. I love it. It clears my head, it de-stresses me and it makes me love my body and myself more. I am giving my body a treat every lunch hour.

I Do Core Exercises 
Once I get home from my run, I do some exercises because I had disc problems in my back.  So I do some squats, deadlifts, planks, side planks and other core exercises. I also try do some chin-ups.

Personal Training
Once a week, I visit my trainer. I have been training with him for over a year also. We do squats, deadlifts, bench-pressing.  We work on my triceps, biceps and back.  I absolutely love this so much I cannot even explain. It is my hour out of the world. I just listen to my music and focus on strengthening my body. I love how strong I feel after it and how it totally lifts my spirit. I love powerlifting. #StrongIsTheNewSkinny

What is your weekly routing?

Love, Mini 



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