Friday, 2 January 2015

2015 - Gratitude

Hello My Loves

I love the freshness that a new year brings.  Its so cliche but it is a brand new slate, full of weeks and month that will become another year in my story. My adventure through this life continues. Really corny right?!

Instead of resolutions, which are a great idea, but we can feel like failures when we dont stick to them...I find gratitude a much more positive thing.

Every day for over a year now, I do gratitude with my BFF.  She lives in Paris, France, so we dont see each other that often.  But every morning we email each other 3 things we are grateful for in our lives. We bless the others gratitude also.

Quite frankly, it has changed both our lives.  For me, it has made me a more positive person first and foremost. I know, even if something that seems to be devastating has happened, that I have a lot to be grateful for in my life. 

So on that note, here is some of what I have been grateful for in 2014

  • Marrying a great man
  • Getting our mortgage approval
  • Getting our planning permission
  • My wedding bringing family and friends closer to me
  • Both of us having permanent jobs
  • Living in the city we want
  • Our good health and our loved ones good health
  • Discovering and loving weights in the gym
  • Starting this blog
  • Getting laser eye surgery

What are you grateful for in 2014?


Mini xxx

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