Monday, 24 November 2014

Wedding Day

Hello my loves

Sorry I haven't been on this in ages. But I was busy with a little thing called my Wedding Day! So you might possibly forgive me for my absence! 

It was the most amazing day, to marry the man that I adore, in front of our family and friends. To have everyone we love in one room for us all day and night was just an unreal experience. 

We were both exhausted after it all, but it was so worth it. 

Wedding planning and the days leading up the day, as well of course as D-Day itself, can be very overwhelming. There is the fact you are committing yourself for the rest of your life, legally, to one person. There is the stress of the planning and the worry that everything will go okay. 

I am here to tell you, that no matter how stressful it is, it is so worth it. 

Our ceremony in particular was our favourite part of the day. It was a humanistic ceremony and it was just amazing. We practically wrote it ourselves and it was so special to us, it just meant the world to both of us. We both got to say what we wanted to one another and we had lots of nature involved. 

After my wedding, I have some tips that I want to share with brides to be and indeed grooms to be too!

5 Top Tips for Wedding Day:

1. Get a special wedding scent/fragrance
We both got Jo Malone fragrances for our day. Mike got Oud Bergamot and I got Pomegrante Noir. We got room fragrances and candles to match these scents and now everything I smell either, I am transported back to our wedding day.

2. Take 20-30 minutes to yourselves 
The day is very overwhelming. You will go directly from your ceremony to photographs and then to dinner more than likely. Take some time out with your spouse, sit in the bridal suite, have a drink, or have tea or coffee and just chill out for a few minutes. Take this time for you both, to just try and take it all in together. This literally de-stressed me big time on the day. 

3. Leave people do their jobs on the day
Your wedding day is not the time to be leading the event. Leave the hotel staff do their job, leave the photographer do their job, let the band do their job etc etc. As the bride/groom it is not your job to be directing the event at this stage, but rather to enjoy your months/years of hard work

4. No alcohol
This  is very much up to each bride/groom, but for me, I didnt want my wedding day to be the day I got drunk! I didnt want to be bloated or bleary eyed in pictures or only  half remember the day. I certainly didnt want to start my married life hungover! I sipped water all day, it helped cool me down as I was so hot in my dress. 

5. Have fun!
Everyone is in that room because they love you. People have travelled and gone to expense to spend time with you and others and to show their love. Enjoy it. Laugh, Eat, drink, be merry. 


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