Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Holy Grail of Lip Balms - Jo Malone Lip Conditioner

Hello my Loves

To say a lip balm has been life-changing sounds really over dramatic, but it is TRUE! 

For years I have suffered from dry lips. This is because when I am nervous or even just concentrating on something, I rub my lips together quite tightly. This muliplyed by doing this a hundred times a day (okay this part might be overly dramatic) but it has resulted in flakey dry skin on my lips which as you can imagine is REALLY attractive - Not! 

I have tried every single lip balm you can think off. I have gone through Boots and Brown Thomas in a panicked search for balms that claim to soothe and re-hydrate my parched lips. I have gone from low end to high end and none of them worked. I even trailed Amazon and imported certain lip balms from the USA that are not available to purchase in stores here. In other wards, total desperation for some lip relief!

I even used home remedies like olive oil or coconut oil. None of them worked long term.

Then, my darling Bridesmaid who works in a high end beauty store told me to try the 


It is so good is that I accredit it with one of the reasons my Mike proposed to me! Okay, another slight exaggeration there perhaps, but only just!

It is expensive at €30 for 15ml but it lasts all day.  It soothes my skin, it keeps them conditioned for the whole day so I only apply it once. Unless I am particularly anxious that day (especially now that I am 6 weeks to my wedding!) , in which case I may re-apply it again. It has no overly strong perfume smell which I like and yeah, its just bloody brilliant. Definitely makes my lips more kissable!

I would highly highly recommend this. So much is my love for it is that I dedicated a whole blog post just for it!

Thanks Jo Malone!

What are your lip balm tips and secrets? I am always open to new ideas!


Mini xxx

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