Thursday, 4 September 2014

Nail Art

Hello my Fashionable Friends

Let me tell you about one of my greatest pleasures in life - Getting my nails done.
Its my own little pamper time. My own 'me time'. As I live with my fiance and the Premiership is back on tv, there is a lot of football and angry shouting coming from our living room every weekend! So never have I craved a bit of girlie time more. 

I love my nail technician called Babs. She is so friendly and nice and I love our girlie chats about all things beauty and just general girlie gossips! I tend to visit her twice a month and I get a French polish on my toenails, which isn't very adventurous I know. 

However I do tend to go a bit wilder on my finger nails. I love nail art. I think its so creative and a great way of expressing yourself through your nails. I can bring photos to Babs and she can re-create them to perfection on my nails or we add our own little touches to them to make them truly unique.

In Spring/Summer I love a strong while on the nails. I think its really clean and fresh. Kris Jenner wears this look a lot. A little bit of nail art can be applied to 1 or 2 accent nails to funk it up a bit if the mood takes. Pastel colours were very popular all Summer and they kind of reminded me of the 60's with pops of lilacs, purples, candy pink and mint.

What do you think of my pink flamingo? These are some of my fav looks from over the Summer. Some Babs did for me and some I did myself. I think its probably pretty obvious which are my amateur ones and which are her professional ones!

In Autumn/Winter I go for the dark colours like Fedora in Shellac polish and maybe add some glitter to give it that bit of sparkle. Red's are also great colours for Autumn/Winter and I love burgundy's too which are very in style for this season. 

These pics are throwback from last Winter.  What is your favourite one? Can you spot the 'M' I had put in diamonds for my fiance Mike?

Instagram and Pinterest are great for nail idea's. One of my favourite to follow on Instagram are 'Wahnails'.  They do amazing nail art.  Or sometimes I just search by hashtag #nailart and see what comes up!

I love CND shellac polish, but you need to make sure it is removed correctly by a nail technician so it doesn't damage your nails. CND Vinylux polish is a new favorite of mine.  From the makers of shellac, this nail polish lasts 7 days and you can remove it yourself at home with regular nail polish remover so it does save a visit to your nail girl. It can be great for people who don't like shellac re-growth on nails too. 

I am big into taking care of my nails and hands between manicures. I use the Aveeno Hand Cream which I like because it soaks in fast. The Soap and Glory is another one I used. I use the CND cuticle oil. I keep these on my work desk and re-apply regularly throughout the day. It really keeps my nails strong. 

I am getting married in 8 weeks time and unsure of what to get?  Any advice?

What are your favorite nail art looks? I would love to hear or see pictures!

Mini xxx


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  1. I really like this nail design and I also got the idea for an interesting nail art :)


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