Thursday, 18 September 2014

My Skincare Routine

Hello My Loves

Now that Autumn is upon us (even though the weather is still un-seasonally warm and humid in Ireland!) I have started to look at my daily skincare routine.

I have dry/combination skin which gets drier in the Winter. So dry that if I don't put on a good strong moisturiser my skin feels so dry and tight it nearly hurts and it gets really white patches on it. Yes, all very attractive as you can imagine!

So I will be continuing using some great products I found during the Summer and am planning my Winter routine already.

These are all the products that I currently use

I love love love the Clarins Masque Contour des Yeux (Eye Mask).  I find if I am after a day of staring at the computer screen like a zombie or had a few early starts or late nights (!) that this does the job. Just put it under the eye or above the eye lid and it instantly perks the eyes back up. I love it. 
Top Tip: Keep it in the fridge for extra coolness

The Clarins Lotions Tonique (Toner) is such a comforting product.  It has chamomile in it, so it really soothes the skin. Unlike other toners that can feel like rubbing paint stripper onto the skin, this feels really mild and gently. It can really help reduce any redness. I use this 4-5 times per week. 

I use Clarins UV Plus Ecran Multi-Protection SPF in 40. This facial SPF was a godsend for the Summer and I am going to continue using it throughout the Winter. Sometimes those Winter rays can be glaring and I want to protect my face, especially the delicate eye area. Unlike other facial SPF's, its not a thick or gloopy consistency. It doesn't leave a grey film over my face either. I would highly recommend this. I took it on my holidays over the Summer to France and it worked perfectly in hotter climates. 

I really like the Clarins Multi-Active Jour (Moisturiser) for the Summer.  It was light and never felt too heavy on my skin. Ireland got really warm weather this Summer and I felt my normal Clinique Moisture Surgery moisturiser would have been too heavy. I wouldn't say this moisturiser was ground breaking for me in any way, but it did add moisture. 

The Clinque Take off the Day Cleansing Balm is a wonder product.  It comes as a solid block. You simply scoop out a really small amount, a teaspoon size does my whole face and mascara, everything! I massage this all over my face, eyelashes, lips, everywhere (I just got laser eye surgery recently and it didn't even irritate my eyes when I accidentally got it in them!) Then I get a hot flannel and I wipe it all off.  It makes my skin feel so clean and amazingly soft. Best of all, it doesn't dry out my skin like facial soaps can. I would highly recommend it. It is suitable for all skin types. Dont be put off by the oily consistency, as it doesnt leave any oily residue on the skin. I saw Tanya Burr raving about this and bought it on her recommendation as I love her blog. I was so glad I took her advice!

For Winter I am going to basically continue using the same, however I am going to change my moisturiser to Clinique Moisture Surge. This moisturiser is fantastic for my dry skin. It really stops all dry patches and lasts the whole day.  It is my go to product for the Winter and I just adore it. A pot lasts me around 3 months, so even though its expensive, I get a long time out of it.

Finally, for my eyes, I always use Creme de la Mer. Now to be honest, this is very expensive, but I was given it as a gift, so I am unsure if I will re-purchase it or not. I don't find it to be an amazing cant live without it product and given the price I think I should feel passionate about it, but I do apply it religiously. I know its a cult luxury product and the likes of Kim Kardashian use it, but I really couldnt recommend it as a 'cant live without it' type of product.  However, after laser eye surgery, I did have bags under my eyes and I think this has helped in reducing those.

Top Tip: If you have bags under your eyes, when applying your eye cream, pay down on the eye in a movement that goes out towards the corner of your eye that is closet to your ears. Eye bags are caused by fluid and if you move the fluid along under your eye, you will be bag free! This really worked for me. 

What are your Winter essentials?

Mini xxx


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