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Laser Eye Surgery

Hello my Fashion Forward Friends

After 17 years of hating every damn second of wearing facial scaffolding, sorry, 'glasses' and having water stream unmercifully out of my eyes every time I put in contact lenses because of a spec of lint on them, I finally took the plunge and booked Laser Eye Surgery!

It is a big decision to take, after all, we only get one set of eyes, and if anything happens to them you can't see. I had researched it for years, scared myself silly looking at YouTube videos of people having their eyes clamped and cut by these huge machines. It's scary, it's intimidating, it's expensive but it's oh so worth it.

Happy lasered eyes pic:

I am getting married this year and decided I wanted to walk up the aisle with clear vision and didn't want to have to take about 10 different types of sunglasses, contacts and glasses cases on my honeymoon! So I grew some courage, emptied my 'rainy day' piggy bank and did something about it. 

I had researched exactly where I wanted to get it done and the Mater Private Hospital in Dublin is where I choose. My surgeon, Professor O'Keeffe has been performing them for the longest in Ireland. He is very well accomplished in eye surgery and after meeting him his calm and confident demeanor put me right at ease. There are nothing but fantastic reviews about him online. I wanted to be in a hospital in case anything went wrong and I definitely didn't want to go any place that had 'express' in the name or talked about cheap prices. No expense to be spared when dealing with my eyes thank you very much!

Once I decided I was getting it done I stopped researching, I stopped looking up YouTube videos and I just focused on a fast recovery. I would very much advise the same. Otherwise you are going to torture yourself and worry even more. 

I got Lasek done because I have thin cornea's apparently, so I was only suitable for Lasek. There is a longer recovery time with Lasek. It takes up to 12 weeks for 20/20 vision.  Its non invasive surgery though and you are less likely to suffer from dry eyes or night vision halo's than if you had Lasik surgery (Lasik is where the cornea is cut so its invasive surgery).

I was -3.75 in both eyes by the way, so I definitely needed glasses every day. I couldn't use contacts all the time as they dried out my eyes. I found this so frustrating as I am quite an active person and using glasses just wasn't practical. 

I had my surgery 3 months ago. I can honestly only describe every day since then as a miracle. To be typing this and not to use glasses is unbelievable.  To not have to reach for them every morning, to be able to open an oven door without my specs fogging up or walk into a warm room and not be able to see a thing, is just a joy every day.

I could literally rant for days on the whole process because its just so intense but Ill put the main points below and if anyone wants to ask any questions that I have left out in the comments below Ill answer them. 

1. Pre-Surgery Consultation
This is where I went to the hospital and met with my surgeon. I had a series of tests which took about an hour and a half. They tested tear production and all other kinds of stuff. After the tests, they recommended Lasek surgery to me and spoke through any concerns I had. They explained it would take about 12 weeks for my vision to stabilize. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to see after the surgery but they assured me I would, but my vision wouldn't be 20/20 yet. 

2. Day of Surgery
Bring someone with you! I couldn't drive after so I brought my fiance with me. He is a calming force for me as I am the one that can be a bit highly strung! I trusted my surgeon but I was actually more concerned about taking the Valium and being 'out of control'. However, fear not, they only give you a tiny amount, 5mg I think and I really didn't feel anything. In fact, Mr. Mini said I never shut up talking after taking it! 

3. Surgery
You lie on a bed, the nurse held my hand, which I really was so grateful for. So you lie on the bed, they put a cushion thing under your knees (For comfort perhaps, not totally sure on that one).  Then a clamp is put over the eye, anesthetic drops are put into the eye, water is flushed into the eye and a machine comes over your head. You focus on the red light and hear a tick tick tick noise as the laser does its thing for about 15 seconds. More water flushed into eye, more laser and then you are done! It literally lasts about 10 minutes and is totally PAIN FREE. A bandage contact lens is inserted and kept in for approx 3-4 days to help with healing and avoid infection. 

4. Post-Surgery
You get lots of medication and eye drops to take. You can actually see fine. The eye is a bit tender and red because it has been through a trauma, but its all fine. I went back to our hotel room, lay down and took the medications at the assigned times. I ate a dinner and took my sleeping pill when I was supposed to that night. It didn't work on me for some reason (I am only 5 feet tall, so I thought all the meds would knock me out, but apparently not!) so I had a cheeky glass of wine and that put me right to sleep. I had no pain, slight discomfort, but no pain. 
The most uncomfortable part for me was the bandage contact lens. I never liked wearing these anyways so it was just uncomfortable for me. After 3 days it was taken out though and then the healing really began. 

5. 3 months later
My vision is 20/20 on one eye and 18/20 on the other. My surgeon said it would stablise more as the weeks go on and sharpen up even more. I have very slight halo's around car lights at night, but nothing major, nothing to stop me driving or anything. I drove a few weeks ago in France on the other side of the road at night, so its not anything awful. It is a miracle every day and I am just so happy I did it.

I would highly recommend it and my surgeon. Lots of post op care, always available. 

If you have any specific questions that I didn't answer, feel free to ask in the comments below!

Mini xxx


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