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Making Memories

Hello My Loves

Our favourite family memories to make are not always the ones on holiday or in expensive restaurants.  But rather, it’s the little moments at home that truly warm our heart.  It's those times when I throw myself on the couch after a long day at work to watch our Panasonic television and my hubbie joins me to surprise me with some chocolate as we snuggle up and chill out.   
It's those Saturday mornings, when our little boy wakes up early and the cartoons on the television amuse him, while my coffee wakes me up. He laughs and dances along to Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig while he eats porridge on the weekends. There is no rush to be at work or out the door and we really make the most of the ease of time.  It’s those moments that really frame our family life. 

So when I was asked to give my thoughts on Panasonic's 4K TV range, it was easy to paint a picture of how it is very much a part of our family life. The television looks so sleek and elegant, it adds a touch of …

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